Not Quite Cold Turkey

Cayci Branum

Audit Senior

March 27, 2017

I have been in transition for the last six months from our Audit Department to the Risk Advisory Services (RAS) Department. This is the first time in 8 years I have not had a formal busy season, however, I was lucky enough to maintain one year-end client, so I did not have to go completely “cold turkey.” While I missed a lot of things about busy season and “my former life” I have really enjoyed the change.

The things I have enjoyed the most are the new challenges of learning compliance and getting to work with different people. The RAS department is made up of more non-traditional accounts who have worked in the banking industry for a number of years. I have learned a lot from them, which has been a nice change. I have learned that the world of banking compliance is extensive and ever changing. I have also noticed a difference between the clients who are compliance minded versus financial minded. These paths did not cross much during your normal year-end audit.

My life in the RAS department has also changed regarding travel and client structure. These type reviews are typically scheduled on a “days” basis verse an entire week. There can be weeks where more than one engagement is scheduled and you have to be very efficient with your time. Typically, audits are scheduled on a week-long basis.

While my main niche going forward will be working on internal audits, I look forward to continuing to learn more on the compliance side. My next goal is to infiltrate the loan review group and get some experience there.