Millennials in the Workplace: How PKM Stacks Up

Nadine Adams

Tax Manager

February 2, 2017

I recently participated in a leadership program and had to do a presentation on how to get millennials involved in the community and in leadership. As part of my research, I learned some interesting facts. For instance, the Atlanta area population is very diverse and is continuing to diversify – so is the general working population. However, in 2015, millennials made up the largest group in the workforce for the first time ever. Millennials get a bad reputation in the workforce for not being loyal to their employers and only sticking around an average of 2 years at the job. However, as several studies proved, when asked why they were leaving, one of the main reasons was that they didn’t feel that they were given the right tools and training to take on leadership roles and succeed.

So with that said, I thought I’d reflect a little on how these trends are shown within PKM. Since I started here in 2012, I’ve seen diversity increase at PKM just as it is everywhere else around the country. We have more workers who fall into the category of “millennials” at PKM than any other generation, and it’s proven over and over again that they work at least as hard as everyone else at the firm. Even with our millennial-rich workforce, PKM still manages to have lower than industry average turnover and I believe that is because our PKM partners have made a commitment to help everyone – from the bottom up – develop the skills for the job and to support them in their career path. At PKM, we are assigned buddies to begin building our support system, but as we progress further in our career, we have even greater access to leadership training and development all the way up until becoming partners.