Knocking out the CPA Exam

Mason Hardy

Audit Staff

August 25, 2016

When I look back at my recruiting experience in college there is only one piece of advice that I feel was not hammered home enough. Passing the CPA exam before working is something that I would highly recommend to all college students that are potentially interested in pursuing a career in public accounting. From my experience as a new Staff in a public accounting firm; there is enough to learn and get acclimated to without the added pressure of studying for an intense four part exam.

PKM gives their employees every conceivable avenue to have success with the CPA exam. Included within those avenues are: access to CPA review courses, time off to study and days off to sit for exam. However, from my experience, the biggest commitment to the exam is time. Time becomes very limited when you begin your career. As much help as the firm can offer, the majority of the dedication must come from you. I would suggest to every person who is interested in public accounting to do your best to knock the exam out (or at least a couple of parts) before you get to far into working.

By passing the exam before you start working (or early within you career) you set yourself up for success. Time that you would be using to study becomes available to pursue career goals as well as time for extracurricular activities. The people at PKM surround each other in an encouraging environment which drives you to be that much more successful. The same goes for the pursuit of the CPA exam. I have experienced firsthand the motivation by others. Everyone at this firm wants to see you be successful. And, by taking the advice of those who have gone through the process, I have no doubt that once the CPA exam is out of the way; the sky is the limit.