Healthy Respect for Fresh Ideas

Greg Jones

Director of Regulatory Compliance Service

January 26, 2016

Having already lived through lengthy and battle-tested banking and regulatory careers, I joined PKM in December 2014 as a highly seasoned, yet new employee to the firm. Such situations presented some natural trepidation about whether I’d be able to readily adapt to the PKM way of doing things or whether my ideas would be well received.

Those concerns were put to rest at the outset of the interview process. My ideas, suggestions and insights were well supported by every PKM employee I encountered as I progressed through the onboarding process.  As I now make my way into my second year with the firm, I find myself being sought out by partners and associates asking for my take on a particular situation, and I can see firsthand that my ideas are becoming an integral part of improving the PKM client experience.  My involvement in joining the PKM team has truly exceeded my expectations and I remain focused on exceeding PKM’s.  It is an energizing way to approach your career and perform your work-related duties.

Joining a firm where fresh ideas are welcomed and respected is a critical component in the development of a fulfilling and meaningful career. At PKM, that welcoming and respecting culture is the normal way of doing business.