From a Small Town to the Big City

Calleigh Simpson

Tax Intern

February 24, 2017

Ever since I accepted the spring tax internship position last August, I have been anticipating each and every day of my experience at PKM. Six weeks after starting here, I can still say the same thing. I learn something new every single day that I sit down at my desk. At PKM you truly are treated like a newly hired staff member. Each day, I am handed projects that I have never seen before and given responsibilities that I haven’t yet had. This may sound scary, but it’s actually the opposite – it’s exciting. The staff, seniors, managers, and partners are so ready and willing to help me in every way possible, from answering my hundreds of questions to sitting at my desk with me for hours walking me through the particulars of each project. The staff at PKM is one in a million; they have become my family and made me feel at home, which is extremely meaningful to me.

Beginning my internship at PKM came with many changes and adjustments.  For instance, I lived in the little town of Statesboro with the same three girls for three years before I came here. Now, I’m sleeping on my cousin’s couch in downtown Atlanta – talk about an adjustment from my house in Statesboro. Also, three weeks before I started the internship, I got engaged! I never would have imagined my life could change so drastically in just a month but PKM has made all of it so much easier. I could never express how quickly you feel at home at PKM. My coworkers have been so supportive of me and made this wild transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This internship has already made such a positive impact on my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.