Flexibility at its Finest

Hannah Ginn

Tax Staff

February 7, 2017

I recently celebrated my two year anniversary at PKM as a member of the tax department, and to this day, the qualities that first attracted me to PKM during the recruitment process still make PKM a great place to work. I knew I wanted to work for a firm with a great culture that encouraged a healthy work-life balance, and had great people that I enjoyed working with on a daily basis; which is exactly what I found at PKM. One of the things that I wasn’t specifically looking for, but I have come to realize is important – from the employer as well as the employee – is flexibility. For example, when I was still in college and going through the recruitment process, I was looking for a summer internship so that I could graduate earlier. I knew I wanted to work for PKM, so when the internship offer that I received was for a spring internship, I took it anyways; because to me, being at the right firm was more important than graduating a few months early. A few weeks later PKM contacted me to let me know that a summer internship position had come available. I was willing to be flexible, and in the end, everything worked out for the best.

Now fast forward a few years, after I’d been working at PKM full-time for a year and a half. Shortly after I got married, my husband got a one-year residency position at a hospital in Florida. I knew immediately that I didn’t want to stop working at PKM. Not only had I made some great friends in the tax department, but the work that I was doing on a daily basis was fun, yet challenging. After approaching the management team with my situation, they gave me the opportunity to work remotely from Florida for one year until we move back. I’m so grateful to PKM for being flexible and giving me this opportunity. I’ve learned and grown a lot from this experience, and I owe it all to PKM.