Do you have what it takes to work at PKM?

Chris Belknap

Tax Principal

May 5, 2016

Coming off of busy season, we look forward to our planned vacations with our friends and family. We will head to various destinations to relax and recharge. We will also shortly welcome our summer interns.  We are very excited to have them join us and become part of the PKM tax team.  After firm orientation, they will hit the ground running and will be working on various projects with hands on training from everyone on the team. We will also have outings for us to enjoy one another’s company outside of a working environment. While we all understand the importance of client service, we also like to make PKM a fun and engaging place to work.

As you are interviewing with various firms and participating in office visits, pay close attention to a firm’s culture.  Have the courage to ask questions about professional development, career opportunities and work / life integration.  Understand what steps each firm is taking to develop their future leaders to ensure ongoing success from not only client service standpoint but also continuing the firm’s culture.

At PKM, we understand our recruiting process is one of the first steps to continuing the success of our firm’s culture. We want to ensure our employees have a positive spirit, are self-motivated and are open to personal and professional development.  Most of all, we are looking for people to enjoy coming to work every day and help make PKM an even better place to work.