Busy Season Fun at PKM

Maggie Couey

Audit Staff

March 25, 2016

Sleeping under a desk, working until 2 AM, having no social life – these are stories I heard in school about an accountant’s busy season. However, at PKM, we do busy season differently. Yes, we work long hours, which can be tiresome, but we also know how to balance this with our personal lives. With March almost over, I think I can safely say survived and even enjoyed my first busy season here at PKM.

Surviving Busy Season

I started work at PKM freshly out of college in July of last year, bright-eyed and eager to learn. As December 31st approached, everyone at the firm began asking me whether I was ready for my first busy season. My response was always that I’d heard horror stories, and didn’t know what to expect. Each person who asked always eased my fears by telling me that it wasn’t that bad. Truth is, they were right. My busy season has been tough in that I’ve worked some long hours and have faced some challenges that I didn’t anticipate, but at the same time, I’ve also learned more than I thought possible in three months. I have been given several opportunities to take on new sections of the audit, and in embracing those opportunities; I have substantially increased my skill set.

On top of all of this, we still find ways to have fun at PKM. During February, a group of us went to a beer festival at the Masquerade, and a few weeks ago, a group of us girls went to a brunch festival at a park in Midtown. These fun activities allow us not only to alleviate the stress that comes with busy season, but also to become a closer group of co-workers who are more like friends.

Based on my first busy season experience here at PKM, I don’t dread the next one. I instead welcome the challenge and look forward to learning and progressing in my career here at the firm.