Business Travel Made Better

Ronda Guzman

Consumer Mortgage Loan Compliance Specialist

February 2, 2017

Often you hear people complain about the drudgery of business travel. “All I ever see is the inside of a hotel room,” or “I get so tired of eating fast food,” are things that I hear all too often from people with similar jobs at other firms. While we work hard when we are out of town visiting a client, we still manage to make business travel fun here at PKM.

For instance, we usually travel as a team; Fantastic co-workers who you can also call friends always make the work and leisure time more enjoyable. There is always someone to share meals with or who you can convince to join you on an evening excursion. Every once in a while you might even find someone willing to work out with you at the hotel gym.

On business trips, food is always of utmost importance and travelling with my PKM co-workers makes meals an adventure. We do our best to find that one local restaurant that serves the best local cuisine.  Whether it’s cheese curds in Madison, Wisconsin, deep dish pizza in Chicago, jambalaya in New Orleans, or the local barbecue all over the southeast, we interrogate our clients to find the best of the best and make a point of eating there at least once.

Trips to wonderful places like San Diego, Hilton Head Island, and Washington, D.C. are not unheard of at PKM, but the places we travel are not always so glamorous. Finding that really great local restaurant is sometimes more challenging than other times, but most of us are great at finding the fun wherever we are.  Even if it means gathering in the lobby of the hotel to watch a Monday night football game, when you are with the amazing people who work at PKM, a good time is always had.