A Note From the Boss

Phillip Moore

Managing Partner

January 13, 2016

So what does the New Year look like around a CPA firm? Well, not much is happening at PKM except…

Our various AUDIT teams have already begun putting the bow and ribbons on some of our year end engagements, and work has begun on other jobs that will span much of the first quarter of 2016. And some fun times are on the docket for the Frozen Tundra of Green Bay, the King Cake capital of the world in Lafayette, Casino Central in Biloxi and lots of spots in between.

Members of our RISK team are finalizing some year end credit quality reporting, chasing around a few regulatory compliance issues and preparing for some expansion on their 2016 engagements.

Our SYSTEMS team is busy putting together some new Training Materials/Manual/Repository, with a couple of their team members in the Bahamas on a project (what good luck to be assigned to that one this time of year!)

Our TAX team is finalizing year end tax projections, final quarterly estimates and financial statement provisions, and laying the ground work by reviewing their processes and systems for the upcoming tax filing season.

Our MARKETING team is working on creating consistency in our messaging and branding with our collateral materials, and upgrading our look and feel.

And our HUMAN CAPITAL team is being diligent in making sure that we continue to be the #1 mid-sized CPA firm to work for in the US – aiding in retention of our top notch staff already here as well as the new ones we are working on attracting to join us.

So, like I said, not much going on here – just business as usual, an ALWAYS ACCRETIVE experience.