A Few Steps a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Mckenzie Barr

Tax Senior

January 13, 2017

Most students spend more time sitting down in class, or in front of their laptop than they realize. Between class lectures, studying, and writing papers, the majority of your day can end up being spent sitting down. This is especially true during midterms and final exams when a whole day can go by in a flash without you getting up once from your chair.

It may seem contradictory, but sitting down for extended periods of time can actually reduce the efficiency of your work, and increase your stress level. This is because brain function slows when your body is sedentary for an extended amount of time. Sitting also causes stress on your neck, shoulders and back. It can cause back pain and a loss of flexibility and even  increase your risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Your body was designed for regular movement, so when we sit all day long, it does not function as it was created to.

So how do you go about fixing this problem? It’s recommended that you take a break from sitting every 60 minutes. Use this time to take a walk around campus, or even just stand and stretch for a few minutes. There are many ways that you can work to increase activity throughout your day. Try heading to them gym and walking on the treadmill during your favorite TV shows, or choosing to park in a spot farther away from your classes.  I promise that you will notice the difference if you consciously look for ways to become more active throughout your day!